“Which Fete ya going?!” : Trinidad Carnival 2023 Edition


-Skinny Fabulous x Nailiah Blackman


Fresh from Sugar Mas 51 in the beautiful island of St Kitts (if you havent seen the content check it dey), it’s time for Carnival #2 for my 2023 Season in none other but the MECCA, after 2 years they back!!


Feb 14th – Feb 22nd 2023

Not only is it Trinidad’s first carnival back since that thing we don’t talk about but this is also the first time I’ll be celebrating my birthday in a fete! I’ll be experiencing this with my new family over at Soca Islands (which if you ever need to plan a carnival with ease, you should def try them out!)

All that being said, I’ve gotten a few asks about where I’ll be for the season and you know I’m always open to meeting good energies so see below my personal fete list !

However. please note I’ll probably be crying (out of happiness) when you see me but why happy cry alone when you can cry with a stranger in a fete right? LINK UP!

Disclaimer: This isn’t Trinidad’s OFFICIAL calendar but just where I’ll be for the season


Kpaya Cooler Cruise
Description: Boat Party

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