…. or so they say

ANYWAYS! What’s good guys!?

Been a while since I’ve spoken to you guys but given the GHETTONESS (idc if this isn’t a word) that 2020 became, you can surely understand why.

P.S – 2019, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for the way I treated you.

I shouldn’t have called you trash on days that weren’t going great but you gotta understand… you did take Nipsey (RIP)

I’m sorry I acted out, pls if you’re reading this…

come home, IMY.

Yall, listen YOU KNOWWWWW I HAD PLANSSSS for 2020.

….but Miss RONA came through like:

Listen, I knew Corona was being rampant but I DID NOT EXPECT AWL AHHH DIS.

Lemme pull up my Calendar real quick, So you can feel my pain and mourn with me.

*cries in soca*

Literally the only thing that remains still open is CDE Antigua in hopefully October


….I mean, pls don’t take that from me. PLEASE,

and yeah yeah yeah, I know sh*t is wild right now and folks are saying 2020 is done but LISTEN, ALLOW ME TO HAVE HOPE! IT’S ALL I HAVE LEFT.

Okay ? Thanks.


The last thing most of you knew is that up next on my Lineup was Montserrat St Patrick’s Weekend (won’t get deep into this, yet..vlog/blog pending)

So, basically I ventured over to Montserrat on March 10th and things were going well….at least until March 13th when Antigua reported their first case and sh*t hit the fan.

Montserrat Government was like ONE CASE CONFIRMED? OKAY.


BUT I was optimistic still, cause you know carnivals were still there…



Jamaica Postponed and basically it was a domino effect from there, one by one each upcoming carnival either got Cancelled or Postponed

so, here I am …

Heartbroken, Full of BEHAVIOR (who does this) and INSIDE.

I just- I cannot.

…and the thing is I can’t even say “Catch me outside Rona, I wanna fight” cause she gonna just hold me and dry cough me to death.


So how I’m doing? besides going crazy? I guess I’m fine.

I meann, my right hand has gotten bigger.. thats a plus I guess? IYKYK

Outside of that, I’ve chosen to stay in Montserrat during this time because I know that being home (Antigua) would be ALOT for me right now and Social Distancing with the friends turned family I was already staying with has proven to be very healthy for me


Have I been productive? Besides showing how I’m slowly losing my mind via Instagram Videos the answer is No.

Do I plan to be productive? Maybe or maybe imma just rest and cope how I can because It’s not like we aren’t in the middle of a WHOLE PANDEMIC RIGHT?

I’ve been seeing all these social media posts on how if you don’t come out of quarantine with a new skill you’re wasting time.


First and foremost… We are trying to come out of Quarantine ALIVE.

Secondly, if I come out Quarantine with the sleep I haven’t gotten since 2018 I’ll be very fine with that.

Let people deal with this how they can. It took me an entire month to even be in the frame of mind to open my laptop. It’s quite okay to not feel like doing anything right now and binging netflix series/movies for the rest of this.

(I’ll share my Netflix list in my next post)

Cause that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, tuh.

Doh let social media force you into a mental breakdown because you haven’t dealt with what’s happening and make you feel like you constantly HAVE to do something cause you don’t.

To those who have been productive and mentally stable KUDOS TO YOU! Proud of you, keep going but don’t force productivity on us thanks.

Right now, we are all in shock and mourning because of all our plans being canceled and that’s okay.

Not many would know but I suffer from Severe Anxiety so with all these negative news overload and the fact that I finally got myself together just for all my plans to be cancelled, on some days, it can be ALOT mentally.

One thing that has really helped me cope is taking time everyday to disconnect from social media especially with all these new articles being released where it seems as things aren’t getting better.

Feeding into the paranoia when we already know what we need to do to stay protected is unnecessary and not healthy.

Staying up to date and binging news articles to see how many people are now dead or infected in the world, CONSTANTLY is NOT HEALTHY and I need us to know this.

I’ve personally stopped my Mom from forwarding every article on Covid 19 that gets forwarded to her and I’ve even told her that she needs to stop putting more paranoia on herself and just follow the guidelines we’ve already gotten.

Build up your Immune System.

Wash ya hands.

Social Distance.

and last but not least….


So as for the question, am I okay? Yeah, I think I am.

Do I wanna go Outside? UH….


I’ve been well behaved for over a month now and I’m starting to have Misbehavior withdrawals.

Yes, its a real thing.

However, I do realize It’s going to be different for a while and it’s something we’re going to have to get accustomed to. So not because I have weak moments and I cuss and I post Outside Memories means I’m ignorant to what’s happening right now, nah….I’m human and I miss outside let me mourn in peace.

Despite all of this, incase you need it here’s a reminder that we are going to be okay.

Will we be Changed? YES but we willll be okay and on days when you don’t feel okay that’s quite fine but in the long run we’ll be good.


Now isn’t the time to go by friends because you think they don’t have it, you aren’t finna die if you dont see them.

Wanna see them? ZOOM, FACETIME, WHATSAPP VIDEO CALL, you’ll be fine.

Also pray for us Ambi-verts, Extroverts, Carnival Chasers, Event Promoters, Content Creators etc …its ROUGH.

Most Importantly, Pray for our essential workers they need it more than anyone else right now.

Let’s pray that by 2021, we’d be back mashing up the road and people good decors again and the only stress we got is getting fete tickets before they’re sold out.

In the meanwhile relive Memories of Outside pt 1 & 2 below:

Until Outside opens…

Till then, Be safe


One thought on “Am I Okay? COVID-19 LIFE UPDATE

  1. Yeah the best thing to do is live on not worrying about the deaths.
    People die everyday anyway.
    We just need to focus on keeping the virus from ourselves.


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