St Kitts Carnival: The Ultimate New Year Opener

*clears throat*



I haven’t wrote a blog post since…

*wait for it*


lmao, sorry.

Moving on! If you’ve been following my social media from the beginning you’d know that every year I open my year on the roads of St Kitts for Sugar Mas


there’s videos.

EXHIBIT A – 2019

AND! This year was no exception, so without a long introduction;


This was my 4th year consecutively going to St Kitts Carnival and honestly my best experience to DATE!

I’m not sure if it’s between the fact I had my foreign friends with me there for the first time this year or if it was the influx of new fetes to occupy the days but the vibe this year was DIFFERENT.

For those who don’t know, St Kitts Carnival is on the 1st and 2nd of January every year.

I usually go from Jouvert which is on the 26th of December then fete all the way till Mas.

This year I decided to travel on Christmas Morning, yes CHRISTMAS MORNING.


Cause I was hungry!

Naw like furreal tho, I know kittitians put down extra in the kitchen on Christmas day. Especially knowing that the morning after would be Jouvert so this is basically Stomach Prep, they do the damn thing and my stomach was empty and READY.

I pulled up to the airport round 9am, got collected by my friend and was like ….SO, food? yes? Ok glad we had this convo.

By 1pm My stomach was PREPPED with food, ready for liver damage in the morning.

Around 4pm, I ventured off to pick up my Chattabox Jouvert Package for both myself and my friends because they got in later at night and it literally took me about 5 minutes to get in and get out.

After which, It was time to check-in to where I was staying (Island Paradise in Frigate Bay).

By then my friends filed in from the airport one after the other and we were ready and excited for the madness that was going to be Chattabox Jouvert.

In our Jouvert Package we got some dope items which you’ll see below.

When it came to Quality, Chattabox played NO JOKES.

The idea was to stay up till Jouvert but we played it safe and took a nap and around 2:30am we got up to get ready.

When you party with me, you learn that I believe strongly in PRE- GAME.

What does that mean? One Word, SHOTS!

I was gifted a small bottle of black label, so I went to the kitchen to lineup our pregame shots before we went off to the pre foam lime.

We arrived at the site around 4am and was surprised to see so many folks there on time, enjoying the pre foam vibes, music and getting their drinks from early.

I loved this addition as it gave you time to wake up and start getting a early buzz before the actual road.

There was no “early warm up”, the music was lit from beginning! With fellow Antiguans DJ Miks and MC The Spaniard on the 1’s and 2’s they made sure we knew the vibes that was about to be on the road.

My friends and I were like:


By 5:30 it was time to go on the road and I don’t know man, I was already BUZZED.

Me chipping on the road, ready to disgrace my mother and my friends

Mannnn, the Vibes was THERE!

2.5 Seconds in and I-

I looked around and all I saw was bad behavior, I was so proud


The Music was straight up amazing, from my blurred memory, along side who I mentioned before we had EK The Real Right & TNO Sounds from St Kitts, Riddim Master from Antigua and Power Surge From St Lucia.

Mr Bagnall also came on and got the crowd in Soca Formation, Creating a Mosh Circle filled with Powder, Paint and Vibes to the Hit Kittitian Song “Fake Inna Dem” by Imark, Mr Mention and AkaiiUSweet.

As you can see that angle was from on top somewhere high, WELL THAT WAS BECAUSE….

A certain individual had some small goodies sharing during Jouvert and my dumbass was like YES, I’ll have one!

He snuck up on me and Jaycie like:

A half hour later….


and this is how I ended up on the truck!

Now you’d think I would be up on the truck chillin tryna catch myself but NOPE!


Me and somebody girl child:

Chattabox Jouvert was SOMETHING!

2 Down, MANY to go. I’m officially a Chattabox (that should be a fan name)

Next up they’ll be in Monsterrat for St Patrick Weekend, cant wait!

Next up we got Top Off Brunch hosted by …… ME!

Now ya’ll KNOW any excuse for me to day drink….

So, when I was giving the opportunity to Host this event after attending the first one, I was like HELL YES. This was also my first hosting gig, outside my own events and I was excited!

We entered top off and the first thing on our mind was FOOD.

We had Saltfish, bakes plantain, bacon and so much more.

Once the stomach was full, it was time to get the VIBES going and the DRANKS pouring !

I got my glasses of Champagne quite easy and then the most amazing thing happened.

I GOT A BOTTLE! Everyone knows once I get a bottle its SHOT O CLOCK.

Rolled up on folks with the bottle like:

Had some people that looked at me like:

but there was some that was like:

Me: …say less

My mission as a host was to get everyone lit so that’s what I intended to do!

One of my highlights during this was giving folks champagne shots thinking that was it and then they open their mouth asking for another one …


My fav type of people are people who don’t refuse shots, y’all got my respect for life!


Top off escalated fast cause one minute I was giving shots, next minute I was being overpowered by a butt

See The Viral Butt x Me Video below:

I can def say Top off Brunch was VIBES! and this set the pace for the future Top Off’s to come ! The next one is during Summer, see you there?!

I tend to lose my mind when I go on Boat Parties, Idk if it’s the Alcohol plus the waves IDK BUT As soon as I heard about Soca Seas… I . WAS . IN .

Soca Seas is a new soca oriented boat party put on by Tidal Events SKN & Nova Promotions .

All decked in my Frayko Lifestyle Gear, we arrived around 4 ready to board the boat.

On the counter were some cutely packaged gummy bear shots…



but ofc, me not being one to turn down shots… had this not 1 but 3 times.

This is when it sucks having different alcoholic friend groups *cries in drunk*

Spotted a friend trying to go for more and I was like:

Patron Shots tho? Yes pls.

I had on Shades for this Fete because I have this thing that when I have on shades nobody can see me so I can misbehave how I want.



But Listen, The behavior ..

….or should I say Lack of Behavior on this boat ride was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Everyone was unapologetically being their worst selves and I LOVED TO SEE IT.

The whole boat ride had me like:

All The DJ’s on board did their thing DJ Tero?! His set was quite memorable..

Don’t ask…..

Tero also played some Antiguan Soca and I was bouncing all over the boat, happy to hear my own country’s soca in another country.

I also knew the Kittitian songs so when they came on, I had the samee energy constantly. If it’s one thing, Kittitians love their own so you MUST know the songs before you even go to the Carnival.

Soca Seas was def a TOP fete for me and as a sold out event I can see why, so don’t let this slip you for Sugar Mas 49 ya hear?! Warning you from early!

Major thank you to the St Kitts Tourism Team, this was a dope off day activity.

We got the message that we were going to be doing an ATV Tour and I was both excited and scared.


Although we have these here at home (Antigua) I’ve honestly never done it before.

….I cannot drive. I have a HUGE fear of driving so I’ve never been behind a wheel before so I was like yeah, Idk about this.

However In my head tho I thought these were one speed ATV’s … UNTIL I WENT BEHIND THE WHEEL, pressed gas and it almost sent my ass flying.


I did not come all the way to St Kitts Carnival to die 2 days before Mas, NOPE.

SO I opted to kindly pick my fragile ass up and let Cinelli be the designated driver, I’ll film I can do that.


Tell me why Cinelli thought this was grand theft auto, trying to overtake everyone, I was like MA’AM I AM ON THIS WITH YOU.

If you hear a male scream througout her Vlog when she drops it, yes…that is me.

I must say tho, it was fun! I had a great time touring through some beautiful sceneries including mountains and a Sugar Estate.

Besides my anxiety and would def recommend it to anyone going to St Kitts.

It’s $60 US per person, see the business card below.

Maybe the next time I’ll be able to drive myself… maybe.

This was my most anticipated 2 days and it was finally here!

Prior to this day, they dropped their costume collection days in advance, giving folks oppurtunities to pick up and get any alterations needed…because ofc there’s still people who put down Small when they wear Large.

However, Ultra Carnival made provisions with a station for on site adjustments for anything to be sorted if needed and that was most def a plus!

Costume Collection was easy and simple!

Greeted by the gate with a cup of rum punch, I was like yes I’d have some thank you!

I got my Goodie Bag with my costume within 7 minutes and My special Backpiece was PERFECTION.

The day finally arrived and I was PUMPED!

Arriving on the road around 12 pm, (Clearly late) it really wasn’t hard to find the band.

On the way down we saw the first of two drink trucks and I got my drinks Fast and in a hurry!

Incase you’re wondering I’m a black and ginger guy so the fact they had this, I was already happy! SOMEBODY SAY PREMIUMMMMMMM.

Missing the lunch before the road because I was late, I was HUNGRY but here goes my alcoholic ass drinking on a hungry stomach so ofc I was already buzzing after my first drink.

I actually wasn’t hungry for long however because a few drinks and jump ups later, I was reminded that we had a WHOLE FOOD TRUCK!

Which offered a box meal and corn soup…. guess which one I took…


I waited a whole year for this, ofc I had to have it and it tasted just like Mas, SWEET AND LIT.

Energized again, I went right back into misbehaving.

The sun was scorchinggggg so being hydrated in between drinks was a MUST. With unlimited small bottles of water being tossed to you off the truck, my liver rejoiced.

At the end of Day 1 there was Buffet dinner provided back at the Mas Camp and honestly all was right with the world.




For the 4th Year in a row, Ultra Carnival was named Band of the Year and Largest Band!

So Day 2 was our VICTORY LAP and as this was my 4th year, I was happy to be here.

Day 2 started off with the consistent Ultra pre road BBQ

  • BBQ Chicken
  • BBQ Ribs
  • BBQ Pigtail
  • Sliders
  • Hotdogs
  • and lets not forget the BADMAN RICE!

I was in food heaven, what a way to start off my fav day on the road.

Also available for recovery was the Renu Medi Spa Rejuvenation Hub where you could get your cucumber water for hydration and massages before the road

Day 2 starts off later in the afternoon so the sun isn’t a factor on that day and with no feathers, rules or anything to weigh you down… can you imagine the craziness that was day 2?!

We also had Motto who came on the road with us and shelled it completely!

I can’t even put in this blog how Day 2 looked, I’ll just use gifs to describe it.

Everyone was just CRAZYYYY PEOPLEEEEE! The vibe was Immense and Carefree!

Day 2 was honestly a blur for me, between that and being on the floor majority of the night…Ultra Carnival did it again !

CLEARLY Sugar Mas 48 was THE year opener for 2020, so the big question now is…..Will I see you Sugar Mas 49?! LETS GO!

Need more convincing ? See my 7 Min FULL Recap Video for the LITNESS that was St Kitts Carnival 2020. From Jouvert – Fetes – Mas.

Feel Free to Check out my Party with Chavy 2020 Carnival Flyer to see where I’ll next be : Here

Also Follow me on Instagram to keep up with me @Chavdakid

Till then,

See you at the Next Carnival/Fete!


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