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AYOO!! and welcome back to my Chan- ..I kid lmao

We areee 27 Days away from mashing up the roads of St Kitts on January 1st and 2nd and of course! With who else but 3 Time Band of the Year Winner Ultra Carnival and LEMME TELL YOU…..


It is almost “SHOWTIME” yall !

For those in the back who don’t know, St Kitts Carnival is around the corner and Ultra Carnival is SOLD OUT.

This will be my 4th year on the road with Ultra Carnival and my Job here is to hype ya’ll up and give you some inside details on the things you can expect with the baddest troupe currently in the #869!

So here goess!


Left to Right: Me, Sasha The Artist, Yanero || Photography by : JBlack Photography


With an all star design team, these costumes did NOT DISAPPOINT.

Big names like the Youngest and Baddest Shawn Dhanraj, Di Carnival Boss David Dewer, The Consistent Ultra Carnival Staple Adrian CK Wilson, The Creative Alejandro x Alejandro AND the Monday Wear Goddess Keisha Thomas of Marie Collette, these designs were in my opinion the best to date for Ultra Carnival.

If you’ve been going to different Carnivals, we know sometimes the pictures can be real GORGGG and then on collection day its like…

Just scanty and featherless….

Trust me, I’ve seen it all..

HOWEVER, with Ultra you can expect Full healthy PLUMP Chickens okurrrr?!


No need to worry about any picture vs reality horrors, you can def look forward to looking stunning in your beautifully made Ultra Carnival Costume.

Not only did Ultra Provide BOMB Mas Costumes but there’s also the option to add a Last Lap (Day 2) Wear from the Day 2 Collection or even play on that date alone.

NB: Day 2 is the only day available for purchase currently as day 1 has already been SOLD OUT.

You can Register for that Day only or add it to your other costume HERE

#2 : An Easy, Breezy Costume Collection

We all got things to do leading up to the big day and nobody likes to be at a Mas Camp for 5+ hours just waiting, WELL with Ultra Carnival you aint gotta worry about that!

Costume collection is as easy as one two three, literally.

You arrive on your designated costume collection day with your ID and you’re given a checklist to make sure you receive everything you’re promised.

In the event that something needs to be slightly adjust, that can easily be done.


…..don’t expect to put down that you wear B cup when you wear Double D’s or M when you wear XL…cause…

that nah mek sense…

Wire bras can bend yes but it cannot multiply nor can the fabric automatically adjust to match your body. Designers are not Jesus they cannot turn 1 Bread into 50 for the Multitudes… nor can they Stretch and multiply wire/ fabric.

I know you may be thinking that the extra days in the gym finna drop you a few pounds by the day but let’s be realistic… going to the gym 2 weeks before mas and expecting a miracle is between you and Jesus.


But yes, outside of that ! EASY EASY Collection and lets not forget the Re-usable Dope GOODIE BAG filled with all types of sponsor provided products!

I honestly love when Carnival Costume Bags are re-usable and sturdy. Up to this day, I still use mine to travel and you can’t even tell how long I’ve had it.

#3 : A Lit Road Experience

MOOD | Photography by: Modern Elegance

As you know by now, St Kitts Carnival has 2 road days and with Ultra… expect nothing but LITNESS.

On Day 1 the time to meet up is usually 11 am, (even tho my ass normally meets them on the road, round 1pm because I be home pre gaming and facetiming my friends back home in my costume) …don’t judge me.

However, Doh be like me …

BUT if you are running late, It’s very easy to find the band on the road because trust me you aint the only late one, just follow someone in an ultra costume and you’re good.

This Year we have our good sis Inhalemee on the road with us!

I’m lowkey tryna see if she finna teach couple routines because routines to your favorite song on the road is a MUST for St Kitts Carnival… trust me you’ll see.

I ain’t tryna cop a wine tho cause she be doing this

and imma be doing this…

I know my waistline slightly oiled but it nah fully, I. CANNOT. TAKE. SHAME.

This year added is the Refresh Juice Bar GlaMobile featuring make-up touchups by top makeup artists, a wine & champagne bar and hors d’oeuvres.

Pause…. AC Bus, Wine AND Champagne?!

Yeah, that’s exactly where my extra ass will be, between misbehaving on the floor and finding some way to take shots. TBH

Along side that, they’re snacks ON the road to assist you in not being tooo drunk but just good enough and lets not forget PREMIUMMM DRINKSSS!

I’m a black label and ginger guy so you KNOW, once that’s there I’m LIT.

LIT ME = everyone’s fav bad influence which brings me to my next point…

#4: Beautiful People who FULLA VIBES

Ultra Carnival 2019

The above Video was taken January 2019, my 3rd year in Ultra with my beautiful Kittitian friend Kela!

This is just to show you how fulla vibes Kittitians are, honestly..

You know how you go to some countries and there’s always those folks who just put on heels and costume to chip, look cute and dassit?

Wellll…. Not in St Kitts, not in Ultra.

Beautiful People with VIBESSS CYARRR DONE! The type that you wouldn’t know at the beginning but you’d know by the end tho.

Disclaimer: This doh mean, to go rub and jam up inappropriately under the people children jusso eh…consent is still key and a no is still a no.

A big part of my excitement for the road days is seeing my friends again and finally meeting those who I may have interacted with online.

Carnival is that beautiful time where everybody has the potential of being ya next fav friend, just gotta be open to it!

#5: 5 Star Entertainment!

What’s Carnival without Music!? SOCA!

Ultra’s 5 Star DJ’s and Entertainment Lineup is usually FUEGO!!

You know those DJ’s who be playing a dope song then randomly throw in TRASH.. I mean Palance?…

Well, I’ve never experienced that in Ultra and I thank God for his small Mercies.

Ultra Carnival DJ’s can PLAY! You’ll be on ya headtop/ eyelash in no time and that is what we all love to see yes.

So far announced we have the St Kitts based Lineup:

  • Sweet Sister Sensia
  • EK The Real Right
  • TNO Sounds
  • Blackstone Family

..and International Guest DJ

Mr VIbes Himself! Kevin Crown!

However! … a little birdy told me there’s much more to come but ya didn’t hear that from me tho…

#6: Three Words: ULTRA. CORN. SOUP.


I don’t know what be in that Corn Soup but the way how that be holding me and kissing me every time I eat it… I LEGIT countdown 364 Days of the Year just to have that from the Lunch Spot/ On The Road.

This is a very short point but it had to be said ULTRA CORN SOUP IS IT, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

#7: Day 2/ Last Lap Experience

Listen, this had to get it’s own point because Day 1 is LIT but DAY 2 ENERGY?!! WHEW!

St Kitts flips the carnival days, where you wear your costume on the first day and then on the second day you wear your own wear (what we call Monday wear) or pieces of ya costume from the first day or something from Ultra’s Day 2 Collection.

The level of misbehavior on Day 2 particularly is so beautiful..

No Getting your Sections, No Big Costumes to get in your way and a Longer Time on the road? YES LORD!

That’s the day when you see REALLLL BADNESS.

It’s a much freer time and everyone already knows someone from day 1 so by day 2, we all friends and ready to be each other’s bad influence. I mean… what more can you wanttttt?!

Imagine jamming down the road and seeing ya friend hanging off the stop sign.


seeing ya friend bust down their 2 minute booty summersault 360 routine with no interruptions

Me as a friend:

Disclaimer: If you see me on the ground on this day, just be a friend and shout AYEEEE in C-minor, GAS ME UP B!

#8: Pre-Last Lap BBQ

So before you go wrecking ya body on day 2, Ultra Carnival offers a Full BBQ with all types of food to not only soak up the alcohol from day before but to prep you for what’s to come.

We’re talking about Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Pork, Fish, Rice AND Garlic Bread… GOODT FOOD plus they’re expanding their offerings at the BBQ this year!

ULTRA gets thier food from the finest restaurants, caterers and chefs, so ya know it be lit!

Not only is there food but if you’re feeling a bit sore or need some rejuvenation there’s the Renu Medi-Spa Rejuvenation Hub which has a very relaxation state with refreshing Cucumber and Mint Water AND chilled towels.

Yall, see this Quality SERVICE!

Also at this point you’re seeing your friends from day 1 and reminiscing/ talking about how much you can’t wait to misbehave again.

Take that time to have all the conversation you wanna have because once we reach on the road…. AH NAH NO LONG TALKING! FLING WAIST!

#9: “AfterMas” : The Fete After Last Lap ?! UH YES

At the ending spot after last lap, the party CONTINUES!

More rum, soca and misbehavior?

Slow down where?!

Ya’ll better pace yourself! Drink likkle ginger ale and coconut watrt, you’ll be good

#10: GREAT Memories and a DOPE start to 2020

I can’t speak for any other band but starting off the year with Ultra Carnival is probably one of my best decisions I’ve ever done and will eventually be yours also.

Be prepared for your whole life to change and the thoughts as to why you never played mas with Ultra earlier to flood ya mind!

I personally cannot wait for Year 5 with Ultra and I hope this got you excited even more for whats ahead!

Here’s a few helpful links below to help you get ready for Ultra 2020!

Need a Bomb Makeup Artist for St Kitts Carnival?
Here’s 3 of the best!

Carnival Stockings for the Road?
Pre-order your Carnival Stockings at The ULTRA Showroom and online at www.ultracarnival.com
Sheer Carnival Stockings, Glittery Fishnets and V- Front Glittery Fishnets!

St Kitts Carnival Concierge Service
Making up your mind last minute about going to St Kitts Carnival and don’t know where to start? YAT Concierge got you fully covered, check them out on Instagram for more details.

All the essentials you need to Save, Slay and Survive this Carnival.

  • Body shimmer
  • Lash Kit
  • Hoop earrings
  • Face jewels
  • Nipple covers/ Pasties (Black & Nude) and much more

I hope these help you!

See you on di road!

– Chavy

IG: Chavdakid

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