#CDEAntigua: “THE” Weekend of your Life

*clears throat*

*goes into the voice key of Newports & Cough Medicine*




Mann, Just a couple days ago, I was out living my best life unapologetically with 500 Black Professionals with the only care in the world being if we’re gonna wake up in time for breakfast!

Taking shots for breakfasts, stylin n profilin in my Royalton Caucasian 9’s, screaming Popsmoke lyrics at the top of my lungs and spilling drinks on belly buttons (doh ask)

I’m in the mood to run in ALLLLLLL THE WAY BACK!

Sooo, follow me for a few minutes as we recap the VIBE that was #CDEANTIGUA2019.

Okay! So firstly, many have been asking

“What exactly is CDE Antigua Weekend?”

Basically, its an All- Inclusive Weekend held in Antigua Yearly, catered for the young professionals of color.

You get to experience Antigua Culture, Give back via a day of Community Service AND have THE MOST AMAZING PARTY WEEKEND OF YOUR LIFE.


cc: @collindevonevents
cc: @collindevonevents



how do I say this nicely…

…If you know you’re uptight, constantly complaining about folks being too wild when they’re clearly enjoying themselves or you need 2 days of sleep after one event to “recover” this aint for you beloved.

Nah. bodda. wid. it.


If you lit, enjoy getting your money’s worth at events, open to new adventures and wanna experience probably the best weekend of your life with beautiful people you don’t know but WILL know by the end of the trip.

Bible study accepts you, lettuce continue.

This year was the 5 Year Anniversary and my 3rd CDEAntigua Weekend as I’ve been attending since 2017 but THIS YEAR was THEEEE Biggest Yet.

I knew Collin (The Master Mind behind this) said he was gonna go big for the 5th year so I expected nothing but greatness.

WHAT I DID NOTTTTT Expect was for the number to go up from 250 – 500…

When I found out that I was like…

However! I was excited because not only was it gonna be even more crazier than the past years but this means more dope people to meet and be bad influences to!

When the dates dropped I quickly had that marked off on my calendar, I even spoke to Jesus about delaying my death and all cause I did NOT want to miss this for nothing!

Me explaining to Jesus why I needed to be at this year CDE

I would have been so mad if I died and missed this one smh.


But yes, continuing!

Every year there’s little surprises as to who would be on the trip with us and this year was no different.

This is when sh*t got really REAL.

Collin decided to just drop names at random hours of the day with no warning stating who exactly would be apart of the 500 on the trip with us


…..Lemme just place this poster here real quick.

……Yall see that lineup?

To even be on the same flyer as folks like Bria Myles, King Combs, Jay Cole, Royal G etc… I-

*breaks down in caucasian tears*


BUT, as much as I was excited …I was like what the hell imma even wear when King Combs finna come in a $800 gucci wife beater, $700 shorts and a chain that could prolly buy my house AND LIFE.

Meanwhile I’m waltzing in like

I- just..

I was gonna just stay home.

…..but I couldn’t cause I already asked God for the time off my death so I got my sh*t together for sureee!

+ The good thing about CDEAntigua is that each event has a theme description so it’s easy to outfit prep and since most things are normally swimwear….. that helped me alot.


very financially challenged, very broque’

I didn’t have much stress outfit planning however, outside of wondering if I’d get them in time but in the end it all worked out.

The day finally arrived and ya boy was ready.


I’m with whatever, I’m with everything, I’m with it all.

– Popsmoke | Genius

This year I was privileged enough to yet again stay at the hotel this being the Newly Opened Royalton.

I was heavily grateful for being on the compound again cause the back and forth would have been ALOT and being all kinds of toxicated and coming home to my Adventist Christian parents wasn’t it.

My mother would have been like this every night


Plus it gave me the opportunity to have VERY late nights and early mornings without worrying about passing out and having to wake up to go home


I could just lay there and just be dragged back to my room by a friend.

After we got in, the first mission was to get our hotel bands/key-cards.

These I found very cool cause the keys were our actual given hand-bands so you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting it because it’s legit on your wrist… BRILLIANT.

cause my forgetful ass… whew.

I was privileged to be roommates with friends who were already accustomed to my bad behavior Annie, Amber & Araba.

… wait, I’m actually now realizing everyone had a A name except me..

THE LIGHTING IN THE ROOM WAS MAGNIFICENT and everywhere you turned there was a mirror, the sin of vanity in me STANNED HEAVILY.

I was like yup, mirror selfies all weekend!

..and as if things couldn’t get better, in the closet I spotted some very rich looking, Royalton Engraved, Caucasian Sandals….which were EXACTLY MY SIZE and mind you.. I wear a whole 11/11.5 so like this was already Iconic.

They truly knew that I was coming that weekend!

See below the Caucasian 9’s Y’all.

….and Y’all better believe, I wore this everywhere, tuh.

Our first event was in about a hour but seeing we just arrived in the hotel, we opted to get some food first..cause all inclusive so why the hell not right?

After food (which was great) it was time to get ready for the first event.

So as you can see this was a very classy shinding, themed after the very popular Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic means I had to pull out the rich cauasian wear.

Tell me, What’s more rich than sequin pants and turtle necks?!

Luckily I already had the pants from last year NYE and I hadn’t found a place to wear them again so this was THE perfect opportunity.


Y’all see this?

I own one, so expect fi see the same nice clothes from this trip again worn with prolly different pants or tops in my upcoming Carnival Ventures.

Just a heads up, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Yes, we continuing.

So got my fit together, took my caucasian hot water shower and I was excited for the weekend to start.

Walking down to where the party was being held, was a bit overwhelming, not in a bad sense but it was soooo many folks, BEAUTIFUL FOLKS at that.

The party was a good vibe, not overly lit but just right. You were able to see folks you knew and was also able to meet new folks that would most likely become your bad decision buddies…I personally enjoyed that!

..of course I ended up with a bottle giving folks shots, but what’s new?

Everyone looked so rich and well put together tooo! Like Jeez. Good thing I pulled out ma rich pants cause I would have felt lowkey inferior, damn.

Not sure how that night escalated so fast but after it moved to the Score Bar, I’m missing fragments from there lmao.

A few of us ended up at a “certain type of club” which resulting in me getting back after 5 am, yikes.

Woke up with the club band on my hand still and my friends silently judging and watching me like.. “Where were you last night?”




…and this was just day 1 , lord.

I was happy the next big event started at 2pm the next day so it gave me a bit of time to catch myself after a prior night of sinning.

…..even tho my body woke me up at 7am on some Kylie Jenner


Luckily I did my “No Hangover Remedy” before I went to bed so I was good when I woke up.

(Will explain what that is in another blog post soon)

Soca n Sweat which is hosted by one of my favs and most talented Royal.G was the warm up event after breakfast to get them waistlines and body prepped for the day.

However, me being lazy just went to watch and film and be a hypeman as per usual.

It was quite a vibe tbh!

This would be a sure way to get me to exercise, waistline gyrating + Soca to stay fit? I’m in.

Not that day tho cause I was clearly lazy lmao.

It started off with mostly females but then even the men came out to get their Soca n Sweat on

…eventually they even ended up taking over the class

then this happened…

I just-

Nothing at CDEAntigua is ever basic tbh….clearly.

Mixxy Brunch based in NY joined #CDEANTIGUA this year again and I was all for it cause…. day drinking, duh.

With an all white theme, I had to go online to source this fit cause that’s one color I don’t normally pick up unless it’s for a specific event.

I found something that was a bit out of my comfort zone which I normally do because life is for taking risks right?

I just prayed it didn’t look dumb on me, cause I would have been drunk from INSIDE the room.

But it didn’t 🙂

By the time we all got ready it was about 4pm, so we decided it was best was to take outfit flicks before the sun went down then it would be MIMOSAA TIMEEE because clearly I was ready to be my worse best self.

Also got my Chattaboxcompany x CDEANTIGUA Necklace so I was excited to flaunt that too.

The Water Gun Wet Fete with guest DJ, DJ Puffy was what I’d say was the official opening of what was to come this #CDEAntigua Weekend

Everyone was LEGIT turnt and by turnt I mean TURNT by 5:30, twerking by the pool, shouting “ayeeee”, getting soaked via water guns and pool dunks.

All I kept hearing was “WE TAKING SHOTS?!”


#CDEAntigua is one of those spaces where nobody EVER turns down shots and I LOVED TO SEE IT.

At this point I was clearly in full blown Chavdakid Mode, witness a few highlights below.

Then when Night Fell, well things got kinda Wild…

Truly the Opening Party we DESERVED.


Anything with Paint, Powder, NO BEHAVIOR


So when Topshelf Events launched their Collab with #CDE I was HYPED.

We woke up for 3 am the next morning in anticipation to disappoint our parents and shame our friends.

Equipped with my “Hoe is life” Custom Branded Tee (which is out soon) I was ready to live my best life clearly.

All behavior was left at the DOOR, we were READY and honestly I couldn’t even anticipate what was to happen.

Walking into the fete we were greeted by neon painted signs, glow sticks, and girls in our 2019 Carnival Costumes serving Patron shots… CULTURAL QUALITY.

By 5am everyone was

I already was wobbling with all the shots and I was ready to go fall on somebody daughter until…. I heard the one song that should have been retired since FOREVER.

Guys, Dj’s, it;s 2019….






Everytime I hear it I just-

I cant even ….lets just continue.

So as per usual things escalated very quickly, especially when the MC said he wanted someone to jump in the Mud, YES THE MUD… when the song “Do something crazy” came on…

I was like who the hell bout to-

then BOOM.



From the time the sun came up and I was saved and sanctified again,

I was like…

What a time to be alive…

I was maddd tired by the end of this, I even called room service to see if they’d wash me like Prince Ackeem in “Coming to America” but the lady had the audacity to ask me how much I’m paying…. aint this suppose to be All Inclusive, smh.

brb, calling the manager

So imagine, we willddddd out at Jouvert the morning. WRECK WE BODY and still have a WHOLE FOAM PARTY IN THE AFTERNOON/NIGHT.

….but guess who still finna go.


I did my no hangover routine and took my power nap when I got home about 11:30 am and my body woke me up around 3 like..


I was the onlyyyy person in my room up, everyone else was still dead to the world.

So seeing that was the case, I just laid there till my friends was up then we went got dinner and before we knew it, it was time to our neon fits ready for what turned out to be my FAV party of the weekend.

We got there around 7, I think and all I saw was booty shaking and water tossing.

2.5 Seconds after walking into the Party, here goes Gale, giving me her handbag and going AWFF.

….and my skinny ass running behind her faster than Maury Camera Men being a hypeman screaming “AYEEEEEEE”

This party was a different level turnt which I didn’t expect cause I thought folks would have been dead from Jouvert but everyone was LIVEEEEE.

I Went to the bar to pour my friends and I shots, ended up grabbing the bottle cause they were taking too long and got heavy side eyed and cussed out by one of the bartenders, yikes.

…. got our shots tho!

This event felt like a one big rap video and all of us were the stars with Popsmoke Dior being the Soundtrack.

We opted not to go in the foam cause the water was looking a little cloudy on one side and you know –


lets not.

I don’t even have anything else to say on this, this party was just IT.

Dadli Day Fete has been that Independence Fete for the past years hosted by DJ Jime.

The theme for this was Solid Antigua Colors so I chose Red & Black which i got custom made cause I didn’t find anything I really liked online.

DDF is usually a great vibe so I was amped to infiltrate it with my CDE Fam, so around 4 we got ready to catch the shuttle to go over there.

BUT! BEFOREEEEE we go over, its CDE custom to head by the bar to pregame aka..


For this event in particular I think Shots was the theme because this day was whew!

A couple more shots later, our shuttles had arrived and we got to the event where we found out we had our own VIP Section.

I was like VIP Section? Okay bet.

Went up to it and was greeted with our own champagne bar then we stood over looking into General like…

…honey look

I kid, I kid lmao

The ease of having our own bar was fun tho!

Did somebody say more shots?

This shot was the deal breaker, I def had to keep my shades on after that cause the way my eyes were looking…HA.

By now the music was getting lit, everyone was being turnt and it was quickly falling into night. Somehow I end up on the side of the main stage for most of the event but this just made everything more fun.

Cause things was about to get crazy…

So we vibing and I realized everyone started to look up, so I’m like…






I was so confused because they were up there for a good while like it was a ghetto version of Disneyland and those were the rides I-

I was toooo drunk for this, my anxiety already saw them falling…I just-

We were all wasted, I don’t even remember how it got to this point but in the bus going home I remember sitting down and saying WOAH.

BTW, Lemme tell yall, The bus ride home was LIT.

To see everyone having fun even on the ride home, really was a great ending to a very blurry day.

Next to Jouverts, my next fav types of parties are boat cruises.

Something about boat cruises just always is a good time, it probably is the fact that it forces everyone to be on time and you can’t escape drinks !

The theme was prints and patterns so I decided to do a little animal print vibe and I felt good cause this would have been my first time wearing such.

Stepped downstairs feeling dope, ONLY TO REALIZE BOUT 50 OTHER GUYS IN MA OUTFIT.

For the whole morning I felt like that Spiderman meme

I went over to one of my friends in the same fit and was like soooo…

…you finna go change or?

He said no and I-

I just found it so disrespectful that folks saw me in this outfit and still had the audacity to still wear it wow.

Anyways I moved past it …. for now.

After we boarded our boats, I don’t know about other boats but OURS was UP from the minute we set off.

Clearly since my neck became a seat *sides eye gale*

A few shots later, my drink spilled on a lovely young lady so I had to clean it up pronto.

View this post on Instagram

My drink spilled 🥴

A post shared by Meet Chavy🤴🏾 (@chavdakid) on

There had to be something in the air cause the way this cruise escalated was reallll fast.

Usually, we’d dock off on the beach and have a big party there but due to some weather concerns we couldn’t do such but it was still a huge vibe tho!

I even met and became friends with the HILARIOUS well known Instagrammer Jay Cole, who’s a complete sweetheart! We even spoke about coming with me to one of my 2020 Carnival Ventures.

This day was A vibe, a whole vibe.


Nah, literally..it was a surprise to those watching via social media and even us who was going since we only found out the week before the weekend.

With the title Less is more, I expected the unexpected.

So… I followed instructions and wore less

BTW, Hoe is life

I Walked into the Convention Center now turned into Night Club and lemme tell youuu.. these fits, WHEW.

I legit felt like Hugh Hefner walking into the playboy mansion, EVERYONE LOOKED GOOD.

I Started getting into the vibe of things, you know admiring all the creative fits, greeting my friends and then I was like wait….

I know some of these guys aint have on Royalton good Caucasian bathrobes and boxers…


This event actually made me really sad because the ENERGY IN THAT ROOM. I was gonna miss that soooo much.

It was truly a great end to a perfect weekend.

There’s no question as to why this is my fav weekend of the Year.

Shoutout To Collin Devon for having me again this year! Next Year will be even GREATER! With the sounds of how things are going, You won’t want to miss out what’s planned… TRUST ME.

See yall there next year yeah? BET.

You can view my Instagram Snaps Highlight from #CDEANTIGUA here : CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Keep up with the Everything #CDE related by following on Instagram : @collindevonevents

8 thoughts on “#CDEAntigua: “THE” Weekend of your Life

  1. I was expecting a wild, hilarious, fun post and Chavy u ain’t disappoint! Literally felt like I was there just from reading this blog 👏🏿🔥🔥 Keep living ya best life!

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  2. Let me start off f by saying I love that you posted a blog that I can actually read and feel like I was right there with you on your adventure. Very well written and entertaining! I followed you on IG because of your content not I’m following your blog due to how well you recapped your adventure!

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  3. This is so so so well written! So entertaining! Your storytelling had me hooked. I really thought I was there and the entire time reading this like omg omg what happens next. You definitely sold this to me and I feel like I need a weekend like this in my life 😍 this blog is a fav for sure! Don’t stop what you doing! YOU ARE GREATNESS!

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