Meet Chavy: Q&A Edition

*beat drops*



– Deacon Motto

Wasssup nuh?!

Hope ya’ll out here being upstanding children in the community and awl that.

cause……. Doh forget

…. Jesus is watching

I’ve decided to finally take my brand more seriously and create a platform outside of my hoe-stagram page.

Major shoutouts to two of my Carnival Bae’s @globalcarnivalist & @bahamianista for the extra push and by push I mean lowkey intervention ❀️

Sooooooo without further long talking,

Welcome to ! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

In honor of this being my first blog post, I’ve decided to answer a few questions in interview format. These are questions I’ve always been asked and in this way, ya’ll can get to know a little about the kid.

so, lettuce begin.

Interviewer: Tell me a little about yourself

Oh, Well the name’s Chavy , big daddy C to whomst it may concern [chuckles in hoe]

I’m 25 Years of age and I’m a 4 Year Self Employed Photographer known as “@dotkidchavy” and a part- time Lifestyle & Culture Curator known as “Chavdakid

…full time bad influence tho

Interviewer: Nice to meet you Chavy – I’ve noticed you been partying in a bunch of islands this year, how many in total have you done so far ?

Haha, I wouldn’t say a bunch BUT So far I’ve been to

  • Sugar Mas (St Kitts)
  • Trinidad
  • Monsterrat: St Patrick’s Weekend
  • Jamaica
  • St Kitts Music Festival
  • St Lucia
  • Crop Over (Barbados)
  • and ofc the Greatest Summer Festival, Antigua Carnival

Honorable Mention – CDE Antigua

Interviewer: Regarding Carnival, Which has been your favorite experience thus far?

Whew, a problematic question, well…

Honestly, I –

I’ve enjoyed each for specific reasons so I’m not sure if I have a “favorite” persay…… HOWEVER, I can say I was my worst behaved at St Lucia Carnival 2019 cause…


From the time I hear ” DOHHHH MINDD DEMMMM”



Interviewer: Now that you’ve mentioned your behavior..

Oh boi.

Interviewer: … I’ve seen that your friends often refer to you as a “hoe” under your Instagram videos, is this true? are you a hoe?


Rule #1 – all my friends are trash and slander me for fun, I’m honestly a Man of God.

..hoe is life tho, next question

Interviewer: I’m sure many have asked you this before but how are you affording all these trips??

I’m a pimp.

I kid, I kid…

I’ve been blessed with opportunities to partner and work along with Carnival Concierge agencies such as Carnival Luxe , outside of that I’ve mastered the art of budgeting correctly for these trips and doing the most whilst spending less.

I’ll explain more in a upcoming blog in the near future.

Interviewer: What are three things you enjoy about what you do?

  • I get to make new friends
  • Not many folks knows me so I get to behave my worst without my anxiety being in the way
  • I get to experience different cultures, foods and drinks

Interviewer: Do you make new friends each trip? If yes, Is it easy for you?

Yup! Absolutely! Every trip, I can probably say I leave knowing at least 10+ new people and that being a minimum.

Is it easy? Well Yeah, for me I’m naturally friendly and even friendlier when I’m drunk soooo, the likelihood of me making friends during that stage is a 4/5 chance.

Interviewer: “Party with Chavy” what’s the background behind that?

aha! Well, it’s honestly based on a bunch of funny situations.

I’ve had folks approach me numerous times in person and even on social media asking where I’m gonna be, wanting to party at least once with me especially after seeing my “Slip and fall” Videos..(Check the “it wasn’t me tab for the visuals) …so I just said hey!

Why not make this a thing then? I know that my persona in parties/Carnivals can be…..lets say an experience and not much folks are able to keep up with me because I BARELY get tired and it can get a bit crazy.. yeah, lets use that word.

Photographer: Mark Blan Photography | Top shelf Events: Ripple

So everywhere I’ll be going in the future, I’ll be posting my personal fete list basically letting you know where you’ll find me.

I’m about enjoying life to the fullest at all times plus I aint wasting NO money or time so if you find me, just be prepared to question everything! We getting lit, doh ask no questions…Rum, waistline, misbehavior and plenty energy, DASSIT.

Interviewer: What’s your fete/drunk personality like?


Need I say more?

Interviewer: GOT IT! Our final question for now, What can we expect on this blog?

I’d say, everything Chavdakid ! From which road I slip and fall on next to How I do certain things. I’ve got some major things planned so all I can say is just stay tuned…


Till next time! Stay cool and remember hoe is life

– Chavy

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